Something Better Than 'Filler'

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Author apakenua
Tags asdfaewafsdfaefasdavasrtqwe author:apakenua rated sleepy
Created 2011-09-11
Last Modified 2011-09-13
by 9 people.
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Description Just a filler map - I want to at least get to 300 maps. With one feature if possible. I find it fun.
Rce a bit, please.
I'm sick. :(

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What's shaking?


Sometimes, "simplicity" doesn't mean "simple". This map is a proof.

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lol kkstrong

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Agd (underclocked)

I like this, nice tileset and very fun gameplay.
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mate you been working on the tiles?


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Now I'm satisfied

The tiles are really good. looks like those trippy asteroid rains
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I jumped too late :c
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Speed demo

You're truly great at mapping. If by some case, metaphorically writing, you "die", you will have a shitload of unnecessary fame, just like Michael Jackson! So you will probably have about 14 features if you "die". But it feels way cooler if you get featured when you're "alive". Do you catch my drift?
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Wasn't aware of that route.
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Might be possible?

You think so 1211?
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Faster AGD

Sub-600 might be possible. Agreed with mystro though.
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Fun map, plays well for such a confined space. I liked how well the drone was timed. This is a nice little gem. The tileset gives the player something nice to rest their eyes on, while playing it. 4aved
Well done.
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the objective is to insert your pointer finger into your opponent's belly button.


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You should name this something better then "filler".