Won't be long now.

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Created 2011-09-14
Last Modified 2011-09-22
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Description I delisted a couple of maps of mine because I had a great idea for the final three maps until my 200th and a couple of map ideas I had.

Tiles [] by zoasBE, used to complete the Interior Design challenge. Enjoy!

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Highscore route

AGD is possible, just have to jump off the BB fast enough & get enough distance from the jump onto the BB so that you have enough horizontal speed to go under the mine
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on my

profile at the bottom are my feature hopefuls would yu mind having a look to see if they are :) (more of a favour than a question)

can i ask

yu something?

Plays well yet reminds me of old blackson tiles. Which is grand!
4/5 chap


no time long see to too
guess what i will make map today

Did you mean

the 'Descend To Ascend' one? (If you still remember their names...) I'll submit them in the same order as in the pack, so the one named above would be no. 17.


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This is nice.

triple post demo

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I made a map [].
I'm going to have to copy you here.


you're a great interior designer. sorry the delay of your prize.

Very slow AGD

It's a fun map, I like the challenge that attempting to get the gold produces. Also, the timing and placement of the enemies is enjoyable. 4/5
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