Close your eyes

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Author mystro23
Tags 23 author:mystro23 mystro sleepy unrated
Created 2011-09-14
Last Modified 2011-09-14
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Map Data

Description But John, mommy said not to jump on the bed.
Inspired by this []

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I miss you, dude.

Come back here some time.

im not on your favorite author list D:


For taking forever to make these. I left NUMA, and then came back, and, well, they're done now.
I even made one of yours with big letters :3 (accident, but still)
GB mystro23 []
SD mystro23 []


Agreed with RD.
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cool map

but really felt like a rip-off.
Demo Data

sub 600 agd

semi-intended flow.
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Really nice flow, once I found it!
Demo Data
I'm gonna play this map in a bit once I get on a computer that has N.
Also, my name is John.