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Author Zvarri
Tags author:zvarri gold minejumper nogauss numacon rated sleepy
Created 2011-09-14
Last Modified 2011-09-14
by 9 people.
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Description Sleepy minejumper - not too hard, emphasis on exploration and route-finding.

There was a gauss in that middle corridor, but I decided I didn't want to make an open minejumper and then force the player past a gauss minejumping section, so I took it out. (You're welcome.) By then I'd placed most of the mines and didn't want to rearrange the whole map so that's why the corridor's still there.

Link to full image of map. [] (I probably won't bother with this in future.)

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My next 50 maps will all be old Sunset maps with the gold replaced with rockets, original idea do not steal
I found it amusing. Thought you would too.

way too easy to be an enjoyable minejumper. the main parameter that provides the standard nitpicking tediousness and well-embursed patience found in traditional minejumpers is their high level of difficulty. This merely seemed to be an action map with some nice-looking mine clusters sprinkled about. imo.

A tad awkward but deserved 1st.
how do i run fast enuf to get away thanks

Fastest ever

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It was a bit awkward in places, but the gold was good.
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Pretty cool map, Zvarri. Very well placed mines, though there seemed to be a bit too many of them. By the way thanks for commenting on my pack. I'll certainly inform you, once I've submitted your favourite map.

Thank you lsudny!

I'll have to do that in future. Your grammar is absolutely fine btw.

oh, i forgot.

it doesn't work every time because the length of description is limited to 6000 characters and if the map data was longer, then you have to upload it on imgur.

hope you understood me because my grammar isn't the best. i'm from poland :p

a tip which i use:

instead of making your own thumbnail and uploading it on image hosting services, try this: when you're confirming the map submission, you can see a small size thumbnail (works always, nevertheless if it's a simple map or a complex one). right click it and copy the image address. submit the map. edit the map's description and put the copied address in the {img} tags (in brackets, of course).

works every time!

very enjoyable


quite fun.

I do like the path possibilities. 4
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Jumps were great

and that's all I ask. ^^ 5
Wonderful map, really enjoyed it. The paths and movement possibilities were excellent. 5/5.
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