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Tags author:lukesv n-art playable unrated
Created 2011-09-18
Last Modified 2011-09-18
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Description I really like this.

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It's a .GIF file.

It changes wherever you are; on my computer, it's Pink Floyd. On the school computers, it changes from Camel to Rush to The Doors. It varies.


the achievements "Architect" and "Interior Designer" have been made. "Interior Designer" in 34-1 by 1211 and "Architect" by miststalker06 in 34-2, but you can too if you like.
As you can read: The people to complete...

faster AGD

faster than myself, of course
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I liked the picture on your profile.

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but then I saw that Pai guy comment and I was all like "It's over"
Also, I had no idea you were so sexy.

starter agd

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argh, crap.

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