This steady burst of snow

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Author million_miles
Tags action author:million_miles beatable fun medium mines unrated
Created 2011-09-18
Last Modified 2011-09-18
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Description First Map. Read my Profile before you write Hate comments.


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I think mine was fairly decent, but this was isn't too bad. The only thing needing work is the objects, a lot of them are unnecessary. Don't be shy to ask for any mapping help. I'm sure a lot of people here, like myself, could help you in any way.

Happy mapping!


first map is bad. Keep mapping. :3

Welcome to NUMA.

Hello and

thanks for the hints and stuff ;)
these are some acronyms we use here on numa:
- agd - all gold demo
- agdd - all gold death demo (you get all the gold but don't make it to the exit)
- fbf - frame by frame (playing with caps lock off, some people use it to make their demos awesome etc.)
- rce - you know :)
- dda - don't do anything, a type of map in which you don't do anything. you move by being pushed by bounceblocks, launchpads, trapdoors and tiles themselves. it's quite hard to make a good dda. there are several types of ddas, most popular being kradda's (keep the rocket alive and don't do anything) and hl/hrdda's (hold left/hold right).

i'm sure that's all

welcome to numa!

don't care about haters, they're gonna hate.

this is good for a first map. you've got some unnecessary stuff lying here and there, but you'll gonna master the object placement :) you've made no noob mistakes, which is good.

3.5^/5 and have fun here!