Progression of a Dream

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Author tempaccount
Tags action author:tempaccount featured nreality numacon playable sleepy unrated
Created 2011-09-18
Last Modified 2011-09-18
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Description You can wake up if you like .. but why would you want to?

warning: 2nd map, nreality, and for whatever reason, rather laggy (so its sleepier .. right?). Without the nreality gimmicks see

This map was featured on 2019-03-08

I took a quick step off the beaten path and ended up a million miles from home. My jaw fell slack as dreams melted into reality; I laughed, and set out in childlike wonder to explore the unknown, finding charm in its every corner. The walls were so strong here, the turrets so drowsy! The clouds themselves seemed to sing with joy.

Was I meant to be here? Was there a "here" in the first place? I did not know and did not ask. I'd been gifted a miracle, and such speculation was vulgar at best. — Tempus_Fugit

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Demo Data
A well written review.
Even if the lag is such that I can't play it

omg this is cool

what a fantastic concept. I didn't even notice what the things did until i watched your demo. those poor souls who went for a speedrun..

AGD on nreality

Besides the initial shock value (perhaps I am naive and inexperienced, but this is the only map to ever literally drop my jaw), Progression of a Dream offers some excellent gameplay & lovely aesthetics to boot. Everything meshes together so perfectly.
Maybe the best way to do this is just to pass the map back and forth? Meanwhile, you could always just test out the concept, or you could even create the basic idea. Whatever works for you. BTW, I felt a bit bad commenting all this on one of your two maps, so I'm now going to post these on this map. :P

That right there

is badass. Fav'd

slow AGD

to demonstrate the idea. I'll probably re-submit tonight with a version using less moving objects, to see if that fixes the lag issue.
Demo Data

Wholy crap.

That is cool.
Demo Data

Huh =/

It's even laggier when I try it from userlevels now. I'll see what I can do to fix it.