Inverted Congestion - The Butterfly Complex

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Author million_miles
Tags action author:million_miles dda fun rated rockets thwump-push
Created 2011-09-21
Last Modified 2011-09-21
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Stocking up the DDA market with this.
Please critisize!

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lol, everyone got un=

its good

really nice for your 4th map, yeah prob shouldn't use as many launchpads but still great.

This is so cool.

Fun to watch. 4/5
From my experience, I learnt early on in DDA-making that using gold-delay and launchpads were pretty detrimental to the quality of the DDA itself. You see, a launchpad pretty much launches the ninja at a controlled speed in a certain direction so as to pull him away from the close call, or certain death. However, you could try experimenting with thwumps or bounceblocks to allow him to have a close call, and still get away.

Another thing is the idea of blank space in a DDA. It just doesn't work out well. I have lots of blank spaces in my DDAs and it's just disheartening to see so much potential gone. Try to utilise the area more, and soon enough you could be creating masterpieces.

As for your DDA, it's a 3.5/5, rounded to a 4. I really think you've got potential to make good DDAs, as your propulsion techniques other than launchpads are creative and your DDA is already quite full of life. Keep working at it :)
in DDA-ing.

Dont use Launchpads.

Otherwise it was pretty dern good. I would like to see something other than just locked door and thwump propulsion tho. Try some Door-Gold or Bounceblock-Gold

Yea not a bad dda.
Enjoyed it.

this is

actually pretty decent :) 1211 i wanted to comment first :'( haha but hes right :) hes a great author and yu shud listen to his advice :P x

Oh yeah.

Look at other DDAs to get inspired for your next. There is potential if you continue make them.

Not bad.

Some of the close calls were decent. Try to use little to no launchpads next time.