10-0: High speed cloud

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Author deep_blue
Tags 400 author:deep_blue episode featured rated
Created 2011-09-24
Last Modified 2011-09-24
by 13 people.
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Description ur inside. New column of episodes! and 400th map. enjoy.

This map was featured on 2012-11-22

The year is 2050. Corners are back in fashion - as are comb-overs and putting fake moustaches on your babies. You have one mission. You need to get to the bakers.

Unfortunately for you, bread has gone out of fashion and you can only obtain it from black-market dealers who are high on icing sugar. You'll need to grab some dough (THAT'S A PUN GUYS) before heading on over to Luke's Loaf to get your fix of pitta.

Good luck - and grab me a naan while you're there. — ChrisE

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the first time the gauss has got me in so long
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faster, no fbf
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annoyingly good...

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thanks ChrisE :D yep, those are ones I chose, zoas :)

drones repeatedly inhibited gameplay did nothing to enhance

Thats what

she said


now I recognize these objects! You have chosen these... Strange, strange coincidence.. Uhmmmm. ;)

Congratulations on third my big friend!! :D ;)
are a little out of character from the rest of the map. Other than that, fun map.

DON'T FORGET a map for NTA until this weekend finish!!!

happy 400th!

first rate here? mine? ... 5


that is damn awsome. especially that close call on the way to exit. i'll make a ded for you.


How do you like the look of this AGD. HOW?! I'm awesome.
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for 400th map.


Slow agd.
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for 400th map.