The Grid Returns

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Author MiBeM
Tags author:mibem featured rated thump-jumper-puzzle thwumps
Created 2011-09-25
Last Modified 2011-09-25
by 8 people.
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Description This time with thwumps! This is a fun and a bit difficult thwump-jumper-puzzle-something. I think this tileset is really good for mini-puzzles like this. Please RCE :)

This map was featured on 2014-03-18

We humans are emotional creatures. We make maps of what we imagine because doing so seems to make some of us feel better. And others seem to like playing at what we've made. Maybe it makes them feel better too.

As far as mapping goes, it really involves two ways of seeing. One is to enjoy the design of the flat surface just like that of a woven Hopi rug. The other is to imagine the map's surface as a sheet of glass behind which the mapper carves out a deeper space.

Enjoy this little conceptual map. — zoasBE

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I'll have to agree with ska in that this map is pretty ugly, but I guess the gameplay is pretty fun. Thanks for the feature though :D
less of the first three.

Pretty ugly IMO

but the puzzlish gameplay was decent. I'm sure others will enjoy this, but I guess the claustrophobic style isn't really my taste.



AGD, you guys know that AGD means All gold demo, right?
So, hereĀ“s a Completion Demo for you:
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Daunting map

I was taking my sweet time, but after miststalker's demo I don't really feel like it anymore.


Demo Data

Quite Speedy AGD

It was like a platform game, you need to figure each room one by one. Really fun.
Demo Data