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Author Wizard2
Tags author:wizard2 featured gold puzzle rated
Created 2011-10-01
Last Modified 2011-10-01
by 20 people.
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Description Map 37 from c [].

This map was featured on 2011-10-09

"This map was a featured map on 2011-10-09"

What an interesting day for a feature, don't you think?
And Harvest by Wizard2 deserves this special date.

Here's a little warning for you: Don't play this one if you haven't any patience and/or skills.
You may think that's mere child's play with its lack of enemies but trust me: It's the map which I've tried by far the longest to AGD. Minutes, hours, days... even more than a week. Certain jumps can be a kick in the ass.

Let's find the real ninjas on NUMA. — Chrdrenkmann

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first try

almost AGD
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idiot :)

Deleted Nudel's comments. Cut it out.

i failed so much

& then at the end, i thought i would survive that fall
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i accept that challenge
Because each jump is exactly the same, and varies only in how long you let go of shift. Which might be cool for about 2 jumps, but not a whole map. Cool concept, but truthfully it's boring and should have been a little more engaging and varied.
But I respect your opinion.


What's your freakin' point.
And I type everything in lines.
Because I'm smart and neat.
I just am.

like = look

Sorry for the triple post, folks.

Simple reason.

Every reviewer can feature whatever he wants.
And this map took me forever to beat.
I just wanted to expand this relationship.

For me, it wasn't a normal jumper.
It was a challenge. I've needed a strategy which gold I want to collect first because some parts were harder than others.

Besides that, other people seem to like this map as well if you like at the comments below.

Old school.

Deceptive-sque. I felt carried back to the early days of NUMA. And I enjoyed the journey a lot.


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slow agdd.
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a fucking good one at that imo ;)
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this is

single post

this is

double post

this is


this is



but this is so good, I think it's my fav of these you've done, 5/faved :)
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I love the simplicity.

I even made maps with only these tiles
idk about the e tiles, kinda bland

Are you a wiza-

Wait, you are.

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Thanks if I was your adviser.