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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2011-10-06
Last Modified 2011-10-06
by 11 people.
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Description Cocoon

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some jumps are really hard holy cow

fun though
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I do love the

iterative feeling of these kind of maps. The point with that launchpad map was I guess more that other people don't make it rather than they can't. But the reasons that they don't are the same reasons why your maps are so consistently good.
I couldn't get much into to it because of the difficulty curve, but I did enjoy the bits I played.
AGD - two groups of gold.
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Put it in 1.5

I love this.

Cool map.

Nice, simple tileset.

Slow agd.
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well, now that i know sub-300 is possible, i can go to bed :)
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