To Force Heaven

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Author Life247
Tags 1211 author:life247 collab dda kradda rated
Created 2011-10-06
Last Modified 2011-10-06
by 35 people.
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Description Well, this is it, I guess. It's been a good four year run, and I've loved all of my time here, but all things must come to an end. You're all my family, and you mean more to me than you might realize. I hope my time here has been beneficial to you.

trance (1211) and I worked on this around April and finished mid-summer, but I needed to pad my account with some maps to get to the magic number. So here you have it, the final DDA (and map in general) your Life247 will contribute to this fine community.

Much <3, Mat

PS: Aren't those the grooviest tiles you've ever seen in a DDA? :3

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bye dear friend

*clears throat*

"I have an idea! Why don't we force Aidiera to start making maps again?"

so sick

lol sunset
that i fuckin missed this. :'(

Life i will fuckin miss you alot. u have inspired soo many people and me included.
and as flag says, Thanks for all your help! <3

Thanks for all your help!

Groovy map

All the best, man


Bye Life247! Best of luck in your other endeavors!



bye life!!

Oh, no.

Why do all things have to come to an end? (da_guru stops philosophizing) Okay, make a new hopeful beginning in other aspects of life. Farewell, you were a good fellow.


In b4 Hitler's invasion of Poland.
Demo Data

I love you. []


I know i am a stranger to u and u to me but nice maps :D !!!


I'll be missing your maps, your AGDs and You.


exactly 2000 frames
Demo Data

bye life


One more flame

has been snuffed out. Although I'm not a big fan of KRADDAs, I have far too much respect for you to give this map anything less than a 5. You've inspired me in so many ways, and there wasn't really much I could give back, so I guess I could just say thanks while I have the chance. You will be missed. <3

I will miss you.
They also make me feel horribly inadequate as a DDA mapper. Loved our IRC chats. I'll fucking miss you, this is so impressive. 5aved, so perfect in every way.
He has a similar writing style to me, and he's a trekkie. Best ever.
Cool map number

Au revoir

At least we'll have 1211 for another 1014 maps, right?
Had fun in minecraft on NUMA's highly flammable server with you.

you & gioum




I'll see you on IRC like tomorrow I guess

okay goodbye now.

Your mapping is amazing beyond belief, as well as your writing/reviewing skills, you will be missed even by a newbie myself, live long and prosper.


You're _leaving_?!?!?!?! NOOOooooooo!!! Another tragedy!!!! Right after Steve Jobs died!!!!