Gold Rush.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-10-07
Last Modified 2011-10-07
by 6 people.
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Description |PROTOTYPE|

Made what I thought was a pretty interesting concept. Would really like some people to test, comment, iron out issues e.t.c. Said people will get a ded in the final map, as well as a rate and comment, maybe even more.

Requires a bit of force to mine (running into blocks, essentially). But I'm sure you'll figure it out.

And as always, have fun everyone! :D

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CBF wasting time to get gold lol. Good idea however.


oh man i juz cant go through those block

This is genius.


Thanks! Didn't expect to hear that from you, since I consider your maps the epitome of NReality excellence.

and most definitely.


What about making a collab on this concept and I make some images with gold, iron, coal blocks and monster like creeper or even water! It could be awesome :)
Also thanks a lot for your tuto on the trigger/text man!

thats cool

Overly long dem with more gold and death in the end.
Demo Data

Couldn't get through there anymore, for some reason.
Demo Data
Demo Data

i got most of it

Demo Data

Quite cool

I actually thought of trying to do something similar, but using tile drones + area triggers (would have taken too much effort). The bounceblocks are pretty cool. The biggest issue with the mod itself is that running horizontal against a bounceblock in a one tile space (and sometimes jumping in a one tile vertical space) doesn't cause the bounceblock to disappear.

The other is the incentives: perhaps either add more gold, or bury the exit switch and or the door about 3/4 to the bottom, but make sure that its visible. Right now, the way to get a high score is to simply get the switch and go back to the door.
drone code



yeah, so your happy with the stiff & mass?

are you needing a bigger time at the start?
And with the moving part I changed the mass and stiffness values. I could make them easier and harder to break if needed. Still can't put in the mod, don't know what's wrong. Maybe NUMA just hates greedy drones. :P
so you just need the bounce blocks to be easlilly moved?
But I'm having trouble editing the map. >______<


demo on NReality, i just couldnt do it

your the best at NReality mapping