Space Junk

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 dda dooreerie hold-right kra playable rated
Created 2011-10-09
Last Modified 2011-10-09
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description This was one of my old DDAs that I deleted back in 2007 and recently dug up. It's a HRDEKRADDA, or Hold Right Door Eerie Keep the Rocket Alive Don't Do Anything Map for short. This was a dedication to Clifty, my biggest DDA inspiration and one of my best friends on IRC. Without further ado, I give you once again, Space Junk.

Inspired by the almighty Doors V [] - Clifty []

P.S: I really miss the old days at #boredom.

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And plus, this map is actually a hrdekradda. (Hold Right Door Eerie Keep the Rocket Alive Don't Do Anything)


I could've sworn krusch or loudog commented on this..

XP oh. i thought it was for a question or something and i was like who the fuck would actually need to ask a question on a topic so ludicrous? but yeah, havent been here for a while, wont oft be back. sorry.

1. why praytell would one ask such a thing? i mean, what exactly are the odds that one of the random 10 year olds around here would have any interest in such an abnormally abstract and complex branch of science?
2. what for?
3. yes. i do indeed study it.
4. so random that i felt like going on NUMA for the first time in months.
5. yes. i like to list things. WITHOUT BBCode.
6. and randomly rant and rage about things.
7. with no reason.
8. and like my lists to go to even numbers. OCD ftw. XP

184 frames

36 faster than AMLT
Demo Data
AMLT beat me by 1 frame before, I beat him by 9... so far


Now that's impressive.


But it doesn't have that much action.


Now that's impressive.


Now that's impressive.