Caution: High Voltage

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 drone-paths nreality playable rated survival
Created 2011-10-10
Last Modified 2011-10-10
by 7 people.
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Description With speedy zap drones, a box made of lasers, and an EXTREMELY hyperactive ninja, this map is obviously an ad for an energy drink.

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Also known as Red Bull.


If you time it properly, you can get through that gap. See my demo for an example.

As for why your first demo messed up, I had to put in launchpads to keep you from leaving the box. If you're holding the arrow key towards the wall when you jump, you'll glitch through the one-way pads, and launchpads are pretty much the only thing that can safely stop you. However, hitting a launchpad cancels your jump, so you fall back down.

Just realized its N-reality. :<

very nice

i like it :)

Best I could...

But I can't see how to go on...
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Why did the ninja go down again just then?
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I wish the zap drones interfered a little bit more. Pretty cool idea overall though. :)
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Fantastic Map

Terrible demo.
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If you say so.

Here's a demo, by the way. My longest is actually 2801, but that one is slightly less entertaining.
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You're back!! :D

Wow that was fast

I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be "back" for long; I'm just submitting a map or two for the 10000 map challenge.

And I must say.

That is a very interesting concept for an NReality map.


You're back!