Mountain of Waves

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 gloomp playable rated
Created 2011-10-11
Last Modified 2011-10-11
by 7 people.
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Description So I decided to make this on a whim. It's not really puzzlish, but it can be a little.

Ded to gloomp for being gloomp and because I feel like it.

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With romaniac here.

Gold was nice to get, but the overall mechanics of the map were lacking and, to be honest, frustrating to overcome. The switch was well placed, though the map didn't compliment it was well as I had hoped it to. 3.
My page has some links to ones that I like to play from my own collection, but ultimately, the choice is yours.


Just like you wanted. I disagree with Romaniac, personally. I found the edges a nice break. 4/5

Also, what's your best map? I would like to feature you. :)


Cool to see you haven't forgotten us :)
I really posted this map because of the thing in the middle.

What Roman said.


Really halty gameplay. The mechanism in the middle was nice, but that was about it.
Demo Data

hey lightning

i didnt know you were still mapping, i thought you just came back to post furniture storm