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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-10-13
Last Modified 2011-10-13
by 17 people.
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Description NReality

Jump only map, but with a twist. Be happy to expand it if people like it. Also experimenting with caps lock titles that have no relevance to the map itself. :P

BTW, after I have done my colabs with TheBlackLion and tempaccount, I will be starting on an epic 20 something map NReality adventure, if people are interested. Express your interest in the comments below.

Have fun everyone! :D

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Limbo. Factory. Going with the flow. Lifeless. Like a box. Gold Rush.


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It fits so well with people (like me!) who don't read the description until they hit a wall playing the map.
Surely you know better than I do. =p I hardly know how a collab usually goes.

I have a couple of non-hashed out ideas, but there's not too much nreality content to them. Maybe we can do something like, you pick a mod, then I pick one, etc.
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wow, cool

i had an idea for a simple challenge with the mods you put in but didnt know if the mods even existed

also, do you know the RGB colour of the gold, i know the gold also has a shine to it but i want to get as close as possible to it, the gold also is very dark which seems strange

also, ive got a couple of NReality ideas that ive been meaning to ask you about, just not here, i dont want one of those pro NReality mappers to come along & look at my ideas & then make them into a map before i do


This is a cool map, faved!
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also on nReality
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(last comment!) Hope you're glad that I can't play any other map now. The left and right keys feel absolutely foreign to me.


woot 5/5
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man, that gauss ..
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neat challenge. Interested? of course.
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