process map 03: life is a grid

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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal featured process-map unrated
Created 2011-10-13
Last Modified 2011-10-13
Map Data

Description one thwump for every three E tiles, one mine for every six, everything else was up to my discretion. tried to make something balanced with set proportions of objects.

This map was featured on 2012-11-10

life is a grid is a process map, with rules and patterns -- meaning that it's all about function and playability, finding routes and shaving frames. But it's also a playpark in the classic Maniak/Sweep/nevermore manner; the ninja dashes about under the watchful eye of parents just off the screen.

Be careful, because if you hit a thwump and die the park will get sued and there won't be any thwumps in v1.5. — flagmyidol

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fastest agd

who can top that shit, who can top that shit
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Not a fast AGD

but there are some nice parts to this demo, especially the end.
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Demo Data

Sub 300

Speedrun. Knew it was possible :)
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Solid map.

Didn't blow me away, but everything was fine. I did explore the optional gold areas in other runs but kept dying eventually, so here's a mere completion demo.
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Shit posted that on the wrong map xD

Good fun

AGD gonna try to get faster
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adore this
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Hey hey

Collab, please?

love it love you

make a map with me


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1500 exactly
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that's one of my favorite routes back to the exit, but you have to clear those two thwumps and ideally soar over the mine on the block.

haha i was all set to chillax to the exit on my horizontal elevator

but i was interrupted
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