36-1: Bermudas Challenge 2 - USS Cyclops

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe ded uap unrated
Created 2011-10-16
Last Modified 2011-10-16
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Description Map 182

No Enemies. Episode for Jumpers
Map dedicated to EddyMataGallos, because he is the best
The whole episode is a ded for him

-- UAP --

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Well, you inspired me to make a couple of VODKA maps using this concept. And now, after playtesting them (one of them is just that, a map in where you must make the cheat for 4 times even with a zap drone navigating around) I must say that it is not so complicated, even simpler than the general average of the other tricks in this game.. :P



I was aware of the existence of that trick, but make it by four consecutive times in the same run and without margin to break is really tough. It is a very technical run. Bravo!

It really intrigues me and I'm curious to know how long it took you to get that run and how many times you failed?


1003 frames faster. :P
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cool, ill beat it another time

Improved AGD

I like the idea of this episode, this kind of challenges.
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Nreality :)
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Thanks again for the deds dude, i apreciate it :D
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@all jumpers'

in my previous one (36-0), all people uses the bounce two times, try agd'ing using the bounce only one time, sure is possible, getting the gold with a tricky jump from above, and is much faster...


you're good too, and many others, but Eddy is much Eddy, he plays/agd'ing/comment/rate a lot of mine maps.
If you like jumpers maps, play, post demo here, not only nreality, comment and rate!