On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe playable race unrated
Created 2011-10-16
Last Modified 2011-10-17
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Description dedicated to Pheidi

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Really nice!

One of those mines needs to get a life, but really nicely done. I felt at points to be at true speed, which was an excellent feeling. Good luck in the dronies!
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My favorite race in recent memory. The half-tile jumps were interesting and the fall through the middle was brilliant! Also, the thumbnail looks good, imo.

I love happles :3

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1 Frame slower

as amlt. AGD
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Great as usual.
Good to have you back :D

Faster AGD

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My fave map maker

5aved. Beautiful and smooth.


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I can't beat it but just seeing AMLT's replay... wow. You were one of the mappers that struck me the most as I first came onto NUMA. Thank awesomeness you're back!


just remembered why you're my favourite race maker.

Also, the thumbnai looks cool.
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AMLT is cool

He plays cool things

Riobe is cool

He makes cool things
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