Entangling Groves

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 playable puzzle rated
Created 2011-10-19
Last Modified 2011-10-19
by 8 people.
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Description Really rough around the edges and I could have made it look better. It's really one of those run and figure it out ones. I'm sorry I don't make good maps anymore...or ever for that matter.

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You make addicting puzzles, dude... I actually finished it one time, but I forgot to record the demo. x_x
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yea i know. i like to make my maps like challenges to help with playing the game. trust me i know how it feels. i sometimes made a map and playtested it for about 2 hours before i could actually do it to confirm submitting it


interesting map... good stuff!
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5/5. but Lightning u make good maps. well i like them alot.

Fun ting

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You just have to figure it out. I'll upload my demo if you need it, but there's already one :P

I'm giving up

too hard for me.
But the map is good :)


This was actually pretty easy :p
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