Riobe for president

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Author TecknoPop
Tags 30mm author:tecknopop ded fun unrated
Created 2011-10-23
Last Modified 2011-10-23
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Description VP: TBD. Nudel_ and Iban to provide campaign tilesets and be advisors. Oh, and all the other awesome people for playtesting and suggestions and stuff.

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Slow AGD

Mines definitely looked cooler in thumbnail.

I call being Cartographer. Because, just look at how many maps I've submitted.
Demo Data

From experience,

it's possible, but it lags like crazy. Having lots of NReality objects just causes it to move extremely slowly.

TBD stands for

to be decided. And what's up with you and iban is that you guys both make awesome races.

What does TBD mean?

What is up with me and iban? hhuh


I have an awesome NReality map idea but I'll never be able to do it: Have like a million tile drones in strategic places that follow you, overwriting other tiles so that it looks like scrolling! Is that even possible?