Peace and chicken.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality puzzle rated
Created 2011-10-25
Last Modified 2011-10-25
by 9 people.
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Description NReality

Not going to be on NUMA at all for the next month as I have exams. After that though I'll become a mapping machine, and release an adventure mappack thing: Judy and Seth - together till death.

This map is a taster (as apposed to a teaser, as it's not that spectacular, doesn't have some core components of the planned series etc etc) - it's really an introduction to the ninja-drone partnership concept of the planned series. It's a bit puzzleish, but not too difficult.

See ya all real soon!
And as always, have fun everyone! :D

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Great concept

Pretty good execution as well, though I didn't like the final-jump shenanigans.

Kind of unlucky

not gonna pull that off first time again. Great use of NReality
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Ditto amlt. Great stuff though.
alone in the dark. I love your nreality maps, wether simple or not.


im too slow

hey. im not a professional in completing this level. but its good.


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Demo Data