Something Underneath

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera mrmc unrated
Created 2011-10-26
Last Modified 2011-10-26
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Description (A Giraffe)

Name by Destiny.

I've been loitering; putting off real world things that need to be done. Old habits die hard, you know. It's true what they say about not being able to actually leave NUMA. If you really wanna leave, just vanish.

Watch. []

Anyway, he's case study #1 on mapping: starting with spammed e-tiles. I'd prefer if you play the map a bit first and then watch the making-of. I'd hardly call this one of my better maps, but it'll do.


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(On the map)

Forgot to say, liked the map, very replayable and flowed well.

Faster AGD

Bring it on ska ;P
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faster speedrun

both runs on Nreality
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awesome stuff here

good job :D
I like how you handled the top left and top right.

faster AGD

Demo Data



Hello there.

Welcome to NUMA. It'll cost you 2400 a month. See you for rent in 4 weeks time.

Oh, and here's a rating.

Nice stuff.

Not sure about some of the tiles, but it's an intriguing map. Definitely good stuff for a new author, and I look forward to seeing what you're capable of in the future with a bit more experience. 3/5.

Welcome to numa mate, great first map!

Welcome to NUMA!

Have fun here. <3

you know..

at first I found this somewhat aimless and convoluted, but then suddenly, after playing for about 10 minutes trying to find a good agd route I was addicted! It has all the trademark intrinsic qualities of a Life247/Aidiera map and the map has superb composition. faved. I have a 0.050 faster run on NReality, but I'll improve my agd tomorrow.
You just need to get into the rhythm of the map. Here's an AGD. Also, I don't think I have the momentum to make DDAs anymore. They're a chore to make now, instead of enjoyable.

But if you want to see any other case study maps, like thwump-only or something, go ahead and ask. I think they're worth it.
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so wats up new boy?

XD anywayz I liked teh map and had fun playing.



I hate

I hate this map now.
I missed a gold, and it's above 2000 frames due to a stumble near the end.

Welcome to NUMA
Please enjoy your stay <3
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A tentative

first go AGD.
Demo Data
D-tiles are empty tilespaces.

Welcome to NUMA.

Please enjoy your stay. <3