Undo Process

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2011-10-27
Last Modified 2011-10-27
by 5 people.
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Description Undo Process

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I've never seen such pretentious brilliance!


Demo Data

Love this

Clean and confidant
I have an idea.
pick a section from t.s. eliot's the wasteland to read ( then make a half-map with whatever thoughts and feelings come to mind. By half-map, I mean do the left or the right side (put a strip of tiles down the left or right wall, so it divides the area in two ).
if that sounds good, pastebin it on one of my maps and tell me what section you read. I'll do the rest.


Damn... So close... :(
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Really enjoyed the bottom structure.

I liked it.

A lot.

Felt like an un-inspired jumper, expected more, didn't enjoy it, sorry mate.

Nothing special

Horrible Demo:
Demo Data

Looks nice enough.

Saved for later.