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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 fun medium playable race rated rit0987
Created 2011-10-28
Last Modified 2011-10-28
by 5 people.
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Description This map is dedicated to rit0987 []. He's always been one of my three favourite race mappers, the other two being _destiny^- [] and etdeshon [].

I absolutely love race maps, though I never sat down to make one because I'm better at moving that ninja through the map in any fashion rather than making a flowy path for you to do so.

This is my first race, hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

A demo is provided, for those who need to see the flow path. The reason the map itself has a disjoint flow is because I hate races with loops and other hyper-radial elements.

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This is a good first race.


Not a ded, but for being a favorite. My bad.


A lot longer than I expected, but I enjoyed it. Reminded me of some of my older maps. Although I messed up a few times in the demo, you know I had to have figured it out haha. I'm gonna give this a 4/5, pretty decent flow, a little choppy at times though. I love that there is only 2 rockets and mines, reminds me of my maps, I hate overusing enemies haha.

Anyways, thanks for the ded, I honestly thought everyone forgot about me.
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this just was a joke. C:

and to me?



bad timing XD
Demo Data


This map is also dedicated to Deadmau5, explains the map name. I have no hope in him viewing this map in any case though.
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