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Author heatfreak
Tags author:heatfreak hard skills speed unrated
Created 2011-10-29
Last Modified 2011-10-29
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Description this map requires some serious planning. play and enjoy. :-).

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When you place a drone go into the code and change the very last number to "NaN." The last number determines its path and if you NaN it the drone just hangs out. Let me know if you need more detail. ;O


that corner is always the trickiest
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gun heavy

lots of stuff to hide behind though, if you're fast

do like

RAAAAH so close.

This map is incredibly fun. The tiles look kinda cool just need some polishing along with the objects. The enemies were placed pretty well where they would interact just enough to have a challenge but none of it felt frustrating.

There is a way to make the drones not move without placing open doors around them. If you would like to know, I'll tell you. :3
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complete demo

check out the complete demo of this level.
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