Japi Jalouin 2 Al

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Author above2meters
Tags 0046 author:above2meters unrated
Created 2011-10-31
Last Modified 2011-10-31
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Description 0046

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Name: '148-2: Mysterious Mosaic'

Hope you like it.
I've removed your objects, sorry.

I'm thinking of delisting this map to upload a better and more playable version.
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217936 :P

I forgot to mention

congrats on the feature! 6
It's a fairly linear map, IMHO, and its the one shown in your demo, plus or minus a few changes in the order of the perpendicular jumps. Indeed, the mines kind of make trying other routes rather difficult, especially on the steeper slopes.


This is reeaaaallly annoying to AGD. I guess I am just tired.
>> Fastest AGD get a Ded <<