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Author DW40
Tags action author:dw40 featured halloween playable rated
Created 2011-10-31
Last Modified 2011-10-31
by 10 people.
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Description Oct 31

This map was featured on 2012-10-02

This map is a test of memory. Some people will scream at me for featuring such a clich├ęd map style, but it is my favourite of this kind.

It doesn't seem too bad at first... then you start playing. Admittedly some of the gold is off and the tileset, whilst looking amazing, doesn't give you much purchase against what you are about to lock horns with.

Take your time, flex your fingers and, most importantly, hold your breath. — ChrisE

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Otherwise I like this. The tiles are something.

I like this map.

Fastest route?

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Is scary a word to describe this?


leet agd
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first 2 gold were weirdly placed, and it's probably better simply to skip them. But, the tileset is pretty neat.
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AGD-2. The gold I skipped were placed dead wrong.
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Oct 1

I liked the puzzle at the start and the tense end.
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It was great, up until I played it.
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You'd better

give it some medicine, then.

That's one

sick thumbnail.