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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-11-01
Last Modified 2011-11-01
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Because the proper reviewers failed to produce a review, just for laughs I wrote one. Probably not any good, but hey, at least I did something.

The map I chose was The Abandoned House Next to the Jones' [] by Cooby []


“Tricks and treats. Scary costumes. Creepy old men. These are the trials and rewards of a typical Halloween. And every year, that abandoned house down the road always catches your eye. Some people believe there are mounds of candy hidden within its walls. Others say it’s a trap, and all that awaits you is pain and death. You want the candy. You devise a plan. It’s going to be rough. But hey, it’s all worth it for the sugar, right? Get in fast. Save the chocolate. Change your pants. It might just be the last thing you ever do.”


Anyway, this map my friend and I made is a mind blowing mine jumping jumper. Try say that five times fast. :P


Have fun everyone, and happy late Halloween!

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I understand now, i was thinking of . for pathing, & not as a sperator, which i read multiple times

Okay, i think i get it, they don't just have start & stop, they have start, stop, i_get_started_by & i_get_stopped_by

Thanks for the help, if i can finally get it to work & understand it i should be able to finish/make about 5 maps i've had for awhile now

Heh, i do have some more questions about NReality that i should be able to get from other map data, mainly circular pathing, i read that modmaster doesn't do that very well, i'll probably be able to figure it out by editing codes from other maps


So, this is all i need for triggers, okay, i think i understand, 9^door_stuff^activation_ID^activated_ID

So that means that if activation_ID is '1' & another door has its activated_ID as 1 then that trigger with the activation_ID of '1' will reset the trigger for the door with the activated_ID of '1'

So '1' can be anything it want's, like
will activate

But as i just tested something, only this [] works, i tried it with 1,2^1,2 & 1,2^1,2 & all if not most of the other combinations but this is the only one that worked, i was trying to get the first one to reset the second one
Just a thing i forgot to add, i read that 'pathing' comes after ^^^ & 'triggers' come after ^^

I think i did some testing with these codes & stuff, & is some of it just a typo by nnds? (the creator of the map that i got those codes from)

Hey NachoCheese

I got some of it Triggers []
I just edited coordinates, but the thing is, the second trigger only resets the first trigger once, is there a way to repeat this? other than just adding more triggers

Also, can you explain the code to me? i don't really understand what the bold numbers represent, if you could help me understand what they represent then i should be okay to figure it out




But no, i need it to be repeatable


So the first * opens the I & the second * closes the I so that you can't pass through it again until the first * is activated again, by taking another path around

I can't use a OWP because it's cheatable & i have a dislike for launchpads

here [] is what i mean, in a way

here [] is an example, except that where the trap activators are, the lock that closes the door needs to be

I coppied & edited
& changed the coordinates, the 306,150 & the 294.186:294.186 are the only parts i changed but it just acts as a normal locked door

Do you

know how to make Locked Doors that open & close, i need something that is actually one-way & not cheatable, i tried Launch Pads but Locked Doors would be better, all i need is a simple

  • - Open Lock
    --- - Door
  • - Close Lock

    You seem to know every mod there is, do you know how these codes work?

    Also, area triggers... like once you enter a certain area a drone with custom pathing is triggered?

    Can you teach me?
  • Thanks again

    I got it

    Here []

    You can atleast read the description


    Got it, i didn't notice the other drone

    Do you have the code or can you recognize the code from your map to make the drones invisible? Wait, it should just be drone colour & then the backgroud colour unless that covers the ninja
    2-3 hours a day, & now it's up for about 8-10 hours a day, so, it's lively, but not back

    Making N crash may be a bit extreme, but thanks

    I'll try copy & paste again

    Nudel_ made a race

    I made it into a KRA RACE, i was wondering if there was a mod to make the ninja die if the rocket dies or some sort of super pull effect after the rocket dies that pulls the ninja to a specific spot, probably through tiles so he would die?
    As if I'd want the map to end that quickly.

    I do like the map,

    (that is a good map choice []) I wasn't initially quite convinced that it was feature-at-that-moment-worthy. Actually, I'm going to wait until tomorrow for the next review; I'd like to see if the reviewer situation is back to normal. I know apakenua would like to have a review up there, for example. I also have another map in mind, but if I use yours I'll definitely give you credit. We'll see.

    But really, I just wanted to comment to get three of the same avatar in a row.
    Say, if I were to do more review/map combos, would you guys read them? I'd love to become a reviewer someday. :P

    Race to the last door. This form of completion seems the most fun.
    Demo Data

    Check it out

    Non-NReality completion
    Demo Data


    Fantastic map. Great enemy choices, good gold placement, good length. My only complaint is kinda going overboard on the mines at times. 4.5 up / faved.
    Demo Data


    then i died
    Demo Data


    the concept is nice but its just to long..

    just FYI

    I don't actually mean to rate this map a 2.

    Too long to be fun

    unfortunately. The gauss killed me halfway through my run. 2/5

    On the plus side, I really did like the timing of the first drone, almost race-like in that aspect.


    last door run

    Got tired of getting most of the gold and then screwing up right at the end. Also, haha @ the maxJumpCount value. You really should add another 10000 to that value in case someone runs out of jumps =P
    Demo Data