Bubbling death... in a... trash can???

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Author TecknoPop
Tags author:tecknopop awesome dedtoclifty funnytitle kradda unrated
Created 2011-11-05
Last Modified 2011-11-05
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Description I spent a loooong time on this. It came out shorter than I wanted (it's only 546 frames), but that's okay... My first KRADDA!!! It's also one of my best DDAs in general because it's got some interesting propulsion going on, amd it has a chaingun that worked even though I put it in at the last minute and didn't even make accommodations for it!!!

Oh, and Clifty is amazing.


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Van, I'm sorry, but that is not "pure-human"
This is cool, but there needs to be more closecalls.
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0th in NReality (speedrun section)
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pure human demo
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not bad... not a fan of DDA's but I like the use of the ball tiles.
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i am cool
I was only trying to help you out by offering advice.


*sigh* it was a first try, and it was enough work K'ing the R A. Sorry. If you want close calls and closeness to rocket, check out The Chasers War series by romaniac (I think so; might have been sayko).
The rocket is a little far away from the ninja to give those close calls. The gauss and chaingun don't do much as well, but next time, try to get the ninja as close to the rocket as you can.

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didn't saw, that this is a (kra)dda. :D

lololol slow completion
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o hai.