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Author paradox-dragon
Tags author:paradox-dragon golf golfkid nreality speed tribute unrated
Created 2011-12-15
Last Modified 2011-12-15
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Tribute to golfkid because i made This [] for Trance & he asked me to make one for him then he asked if he could break it with some mad bounce block skills, & i made both images outside the playable area so i had to make an actual map & it turned out pretty good

NReality, but it would be cool to see a 3600 frame or less run

Thanks to NachoCheese for helping me with the Mods

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But I'm in a different country ATM, and it's Christmas soon. Really sorry. Will reply in full awesomeness ASAP. But keep trying. And although one ways do have their glitches, they can be pretty reliable.
Is this it? []
Otherwise your standard one way should work fine - the only one way that is typically cheatable is when there is one upside down, but two mines at the most can fix any problems.

And about triggers, try this first! :) []

1811 frames

may try for faster later.
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