Stairway to Heaven

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags author:amomentlikethis christmascon playable puzzle rated v1.4b
Created 2011-12-20
Last Modified 2011-12-20
by 8 people.
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woah.. you have very original ideas.

Led Zepellin

approves this


I made this insanely difficult challenge & i wanted your opinion on the other aspects of the map (aesthetics)
Map []
The challenge it to wall jump off the BB & then off the half tile bit above it up to the top, here is what i would like to stay on the map...
Map [], the tiles on this one could be changed, i just want it to look good, can you help...

Well, i'm on IRC anyway...


It was tough to get. And this was without FBF, by the way. Lol :D


I like it, alot actually


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Oh opps

This demo:
Demo Data


Something like this:
Demo Data

Extremely frustrating, excellently thinked.

How do you use the bounceblock? please post a demo :)
Demo Data