Buddha's Tears

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets featured oddball rated
Created 2011-12-28
Last Modified 2011-12-28
by 13 people.
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Description Pretty happy with this one. Hope you all enjoy. It's a oddball jumper/action thing with 6 gausses haha

This map was featured on 2012-11-25

In his final hour, the Buddha cried.
He cried tears of satisfaction.
He thought about all his goals,
to be free from the world's distractions;
In life, he fought for internal peace,
and closed out the world outside him.
He focused on the tricky morsels
that distracted, and that falsely soothed him.
One by one, through meditation,
the temptations disappeared.
He had rid himself of the shiny, artificial lies
that had stolen the world's true beauty.
Now on his death bed, he had become truly free.
Now his soul could carry on in peace,
in a calm and endless sea. — lfaber

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I was hoping that if I was ever able to, I might feature this map. But I guess that that's no longer an option, LFABER >: (


your birthday!?!
and on my birthday! (well over in aus anyway)


Generic imo

frustrating because i am an idiot. faved

Always makes me feel smug when maps that I've already faved are featured.


liked it alot


Great map, would you be willing to take a peak at my newest?

this is really nice.


Very enjoyable indeed. The mechanics in the center area were nice. Especially getting to the right side of the map. The gausses have a nice coverage of their specific areas. Faved!
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Improved Speed

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Great map, fun to play. Better speedrun!
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And speed

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Nice, enjoyable map.
Demo Data

here's a shoddy ish

completion demo.

There is an intended AGD path (one with slight variations and 2nd chances), but i'll leave that for you to work out yourself. Shouldn't be too hard. Just as a clue up until crossing over the second tower it's pretty flowy.
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