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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags action author:fingersonthefrets unrated
Created 2012-01-05
Last Modified 2012-01-05
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Description I like a lot of this map a lot (hah), I'm a little unsure with the enemies mainly, but it's pretty good. I might do another version.

The tile structure is probably my fav feature of the map. I really like the alternate speedrun possibility the minefield gives too.

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:D I really love the tiles. Best ever.
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Speedier speed.

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slightly speedier speed
haha. spamming my own map.
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then massive fail haha..
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haha got it!

It's not actually that hard, it is however slower than your route.

and also my god haha, I knew that squeeze was there, but I had only considered jumping straight for it and trying to jump straight through rather than jumping off the wall then into the squeeze for enough speed, which makes it kinda far too easy and makes the 'jump through the mines' speed run possibility a little redundant. Which is a shame. But I encourage everyone to try everything and just fuck around, just for fun, even if the mine-jump route is slower.
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but a ck*



Is probably a faster route, but you may have too much speed going right to hit the corner correctly & get the speed you need from it to get to the other platform without jumping, since you can't jump anyway because there's a roof there, buy i ck may be possible, although i think only OJ could pull it off with ease... maybe kool too
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