148-2: Mysterious Mosaic

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Author Chrdrenkmann
Tags 148-2 763 author:chrdrenkmann collab episode rated series
Created 2012-02-18
Last Modified 2012-05-04
by 7 people.
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Description You know... NUMA is still dead.
But I don't care... have a new map every day from now on.

Very old collab with above2meters.

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You can sub it due to me subbing our last one.

ich kann mich noch an die zeit erinnern wo ich um einiges mehr episode maps hatte als du und du so ein gro├čer fan von Ying Yang Yo warst.

Looove it.

This is such a 5
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Really good map!
(How can I put a thumbnail like that in my own description?)

yeah is a really good map I remember this that's cool


felt edging towards overkill with the one way thing but still good, and one of the better recent maps from here i've played
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