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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets chimp chutes colour unrated
Created 2012-02-27
Last Modified 2012-02-27
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Chutes - Colour []

Entry #2

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The quality of the comments gets worse, but still I promised. : )

Got lost in the fishy thingie.. lol. Sad ending.

+noticed you can cheat the oneways, not sure if it's intented.. D:

Cute tiles..

You must be pretty good and fast to get past those 2 gauss and 2 mines with the door unlocked at the ending.. D:
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slow first try agd

great map, love the chutes
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hey frets

sexy as hell map

i love this, but getting to the end was demoralizing
Demo Data

4/5, very cool map.


Demo Data


thanks frets! (sorry the triple post)


Chimp is being now really competitive, very cool material posted at moment...

checking also,
cool I'm loving this competition now! many entries!! That's cool! I WANT MORE GUYS!!!

there we go

not close to perfect, but all the same, speed.
Demo Data

I will

Try again for demos later on.


I found it. FUUU.


What is cheatable?


Here's an alright speedrun.
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didn't see that cheatability. Wasn't an intended shortcut, sorry. Gonna have to break your demo haha. Thanks for pointing it out/playing though :)

Nice Map.

5/5 'cause it's fun.
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slow AGD

to be beaten.

Also gotta say this is definitely one of my favourite maps of mine, at least recently
Demo Data

failed attempt

at a double shortcut speed demo
Demo Data

so yeah

there's a couple of shortcuts and things. I'll post some demos.