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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx playable recollection unrated
Created 2012-03-29
Last Modified 2012-03-29
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Description Map 4.

All of the maps in the set so far have been made while I was recovering, and don't remember making them really. This was one image that kept appearing in my head, because I knew the amount of drugs I was taking for pain would make me think up at least one good map in due time.

This is a slower paced map, but it has a fun route to learn as you play it like most of my work. Don't think my work has changed too much.

Now it's time to make more. Fresh ones.

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love the slow start

and tileset
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How have you been?
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this was

made as soon as i could sit in a computer chair again for more than ten minutes lol. turns out im still the same mapper :)

love this one

it's got that Brttrx feel to it
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