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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga featured map rated
Created 2012-04-06
Last Modified 2013-01-23
by 16 people.
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Description map from NARC

This map was featured on 2012-11-09

Pym is awake with the dawn's rays, a mad spectre of shapeless antisobriety in an ever-sinking etherdream. Pym cannot walk any longer, nor can he care, nor cry nor see nor be. Pym's got the Fear -- he knows. Damn and god bless.

He wants something Losttortuga can't provide, yet here is a valid try at an altar and a journey and an escape, or an escapade. Architecture, wondrous and sprawling. Go forth and conquer, Pym. — flagmyidol

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I remember this. I could never complete it :P
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Demo Data

I remember this map

I tought I have already completed this one before
But overall, a very good map. 4/5

Very cool map. 5


favorited. The way you made use of that repeated structure on the right was perfect. It guided the player in a unique way, but wasn't abused. I'll feature this after it has aged in a while, I really like it.

Check your


Liked it on NARC.

Like it here. 5.

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absolutely classic


AGD. the bottom left and top left gold were awkwardly placed, but i think im missing some floww
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It's a pyramid ;O

Gold spacing seems kind of sporadic, was there a pattern behind it that i didn't see or is it independent of the aesthetics?