Mortimer Family Crypt

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Author euphoria
Tags author:euphoria horror medium rated
Created 2012-04-13
Last Modified 2012-04-15
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description "I hear them Mortimers keep gold in their graves!"
"Well I hear they haunt the graveyard and KILL anyone who enters!"

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interesting map, high quality. damn N was dead when you were mapping. Now there's and n++


We'll see
Come back? You know you want to...

New AGD challenge

Amended the map data to add a little something extra. My previous AGD doesn't work, but here's another demo showing how to complete the new stuff in the first underground tunnel
Demo Data


Spoiler alert
Demo Data

Very nice

looks very appealing 5

I remember playing and playtesting some from you time ago. 5

Near complete

Doesn't show everything, but it does show me being a spaz
Demo Data