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Author Jawbit
Tags action author:jawbit rated
Created 2012-04-16
Last Modified 2012-04-16
by 6 people.
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Description Wonder if anyone remembers me.

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Remember you

You were very nice. Also you had an amazing 100th map.

i have been swell, and you? i hope this will be an extended stay for you, numa has far fewer good mappers nowadays. haha and yes it has been too long since my last map, i plan on making one soon, i just need to get the creative juices flowing somehow.
you commented on my first map




Demo Data

i do

and zthing 08/09 has never been more fresh ;D

jawbit! and zthing is here too? crazy.


decent, could use some fine-tuning.


I love your maps <3

Dunno bro

It's been so long. Fresh outta new map ideas by this point. It feels like everything that can be done has been done.

And everyone that was here in the '08/'09 era is pretty inactive at this point. Kinda lonely here.

You do not remember me? :P
Before I forgot to say, I voted this as 5.


see this on NARC

but fuck! Yes I remember you! Hi!