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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune boring dda launchpads rated rockets
Created 2012-04-16
Last Modified 2014-03-22
by 10 people.
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Description Hello everyone. I am new to NUMA and this is the first level that I have created. As I am new to 'level-designing', it took me hours to create it. Might not be that good, but still it's my first try.

Hope, you like it. Would be great, if you comment about it.

Thank You.


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nvm, it's like when someone voices their opinion that you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, unless u know that others (eg moderators) will not act on it, it's a bit of a threat (sort of like starting a movement against you). Whereas now that I know the moderators would allow me to carry on, your opinion which I happen to disagree with is just an opinion/suggestion that you are free to have and doesn't bother me


I wrote some things which might sound mean, but I promise that they weren't directed at you. I was poking fun at how the people on NUMA have been acting lately. Congratulations on the feature. You deserve it. *hugs*
omggg :( I can show you two of my best-

its amazing

how much you have improved in so few maps


Thank you, 1211 and lsudny.

welcome to NUMA!

have fun here.
There are a few things that could be improved on. The first thing is the propulsion. Launchpads are the most basic form of propulsion and can be abused very easily. It is best not to use them as the main form of propulsion, but there are are very few exceptions. Try to use more forms like trap-door, bounce-block, thwumps, etc. The second thing is gold delay. It follows the same rule of launchpads and should be used sparingly. The only exception is using it on bounce-blocks due to it being a propulsion. The final, albeit most important, thing is close calls. This is where the ninja comes within near-death of an enemy. This DDA has very few of them.

I would refer to these guides if you wish to pursue a future in making DDAs:

DDA Manifesto []

Making DDAs []

Please don't take this comment as negative. It is my way of trying to help you out. The DDA itself is not bad. I'll give it a 3/5.


Thank You, ENT474 and kyozo_43 for your valuable suggestions. I will keep them in mind, the next time.

3 for effort



if you want to make ddas, try using a larger space at first. also, don't use those really long gold delays, and try to use less launchpads.


I meant All Gold Demo.


And final comment.
Speedrun. Sub-700.
Demo Data


Did you know this was a HRDDA as well? :P

Not Bad

For a first. I don't know much about DDA's so I'm not the best one to give constructive criticism or any criticism at all. I'm going to give it a 4.5/5^ because it was a solid effort. The only thing I didn't like was the overuse of massively long gold-delays. But it was good overall.