45-4: After The Rain

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-04-16
Last Modified 2012-04-17
by 13 people.
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Description 45-4 map 230
Sorry, this is the last case. You all know such as my episodes..

Also, This Map is a Ded. A Ded For You All.
Everyone who has been playing and commenting recently my latest maps,
and for those who always have liked.

dox/orp, trance, Sunset, Eddy, suds, miststalker, above, golfkid, Jeremoon, guru, Aidiera,
Chrdrenk, MOONY, ENT474, kyozo, pony, remm, nearly, randomdigits, swipenet, ultimatereading,
jawbit, TBL, xerces, artistolipto, LUKE, Conen, Wizard2, Pizzles, Iodine, amlt, frets,
heatwave21, bobaganuesh_2, brttrx, maestro, flag, remote, natures_peril,
ska, ericku, pai_mei, gioum, ...
In no particular order, if I have forgotten, just tell me..


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...faster speed run- clicked random because i was bored with the maps on the hot page and this showed up from april and i was hmm, then boom! i see that its in some way DED to me haha so i had to play it- so thanks for considering me to be put on youre list of favorite ppl on NUMA...

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Perfect gauss. 4/5
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Demo Data


but I like your concept of flaming balls. xD

Thanks. :D

But I personally think that my style is just a mashup of furry_ant, Sunset and miststalker. and maybe Viil. and possibly destiny. I really have to go to bed now. and maybe Onesevennine.

That's ok,

that's ok.

no suds,

sure I'm not leaving, never!
I mean the last one of this kind, This episode brought controversy..
Thank you all guys!


to hard for me

the drones are a nuisance. they do nothing but clog up what little space there already is.
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Does that mean you're leaving? I hope not, cause we haven't collabed yet :D
I like themed episode. This kind of reminds me of deep_blue's maps, is he still here?
the demo:
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Oh Yeah.

I got a mention :3

Anyway, maybe jump between the mines at the end instead of jumping over the last mine


Here's a good route, [] & the gold by the launch pad could be gotten sooner with a good innov

Also, i go by Paradox Paradox-Dragon & [] Orp on IRC
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Great map, i'd give it 6/5 if i could, the mines are placed perfectly

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but good otherwise. 3.5^


thanks! Gimme a minute to play