86-0 Pathing

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Author Jeremoon
Tags author:jeremoon drones serie unrated
Created 2012-04-18
Last Modified 2012-04-18
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Map Data

Description Did you ever noticed that some drones are faster than others?
example map

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Fun fmap
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looks like you have much fun with this map :D
but you said smth with 1211
"Also, you must mention 1211?"
what do you mean?


Is a good way too to play the map I think. Really loved this map Jere.
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better from me, but amlt is much amlt!
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Clean but Slow. At first I was only afraid ..
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me as well. 3.5^


Messed the end up. :(
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please link me that map


I actually made use of this in a map once. I had two drones going a different speed, and after about 1000 frames, a gap opened up between them letting the ninja through.


yes, Jeremoon, all is explained here: The Importance of Math and Science in N []
great challenge anyway. 5
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