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Author 1211
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Created 2012-04-20
Last Modified 2012-04-20
by 5 people.
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Description Another map from NARC. Enjoy!

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super glove

No problem, dude (about the delay). Thanks for playtesting :3 have a nice holidays

Well okay.



i will submit that map without playtesting


Demo Data


At the first glance this map looked simple, but when i've faced those rockets on the stage, i saw it's not.

Demo Data

the previous demo is broken..
and the previous paste bin is wrong -_-
Demo Data

flow demo for the above...
i forgot to trip the floor guard -_-
Demo Data

I will start doing this on all the maps I play, I think it is interesting to the mapmaker, see the first real attempt and his second evolution.

For the map, I've see the thumbnail from NARC long ago, it's a challenging short map with stranges tiles, I find these things interesting, but you have done better.

this is my second real attempt:
Demo Data

this is my first real attempt:
Demo Data