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Author 1211
Tags action aidiera author:1211 collab rated
Created 2012-04-23
Last Modified 2012-04-23
by 5 people.
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Description Another collab with Aidiera. Enjoy!

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As if.
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I liked how you had to unlock the door to reach the topmost gold. Improvable tiles, though.


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Wish me good luck. :D

Also, we can make something out of that unfinished map I just submitted, check it out. :3
I have exams this week and I won't be able to collab *for real* until Thursday. I mean, (god I'm terrible in explaining things) at Thursday I have my English exam that will be easy for me, so I can collab on Wednesday. I know this is complicated, but whatever, I'll tell you when I'll be ready to collab. :)

a little faster...i like it :) the angles worked well
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bad route
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good, well done

though I feel that the gold should have been switched with the exit switch, to decrease difficulty. Also, I don't like the huge gold patterns too much. 4aved
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