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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 jumper-esque rated
Created 2012-04-23
Last Modified 2012-04-23
by 8 people.
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Description Inspired by Life247's feature. The fastest AGD within four days of this map being posted will receive a ded. Enjoy!

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Getting there.

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Fastest speedrun.

Oh yeah baby.
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Faster speedrun

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Of course I would :D
do you mind starting? it takes me long to start a map then to build one lol...
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sub200 pretty probable
awesome jumps does not deserve Feature, deserves a Dronie
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nearly 2 years of not mapping an Im still able to complete a map... didnt think id still remember how to even load one xD
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2 things

one, awesome map (5/5)
second, I sent you a tileset to work on... did you get it???
This map looks awesome, plays better. An extended and extremely well executed too version of the Featured today. I'm dead serious, trance, this is perfect. There are some impressive jumps, really challenging, and I love their environment. A big 5/5!
I'll try hard to get a cool AGD..

this is my second real attempt:
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this is my first real attempt:
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Kool & The Gang

Sounds like a cool name for a band.

Not AGD.

I just know I'm going to get bested by Kool & The Gang.
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