Please Don't Go Away

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable rated
Created 2012-04-24
Last Modified 2012-04-24
by 23 people.
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Description Please Don't Go Away

This map was featured on 2012-09-17

Though Yahoozy will deny this, he and I have been having a tryst for about seven years now. He introduced me to triangles, I introduced him to Kidz Bop, and it’s been heaven ever since. (If there’s one thing I love more than one pointy edge it’s three pointy edges.) One night while we were having a raucously wild orgy with some cats that live below our porch, he turned and said, “Matthre dearest, I feel like making a triangle map.” And so he did.

We broke up the next day. Maybe he named the map after me. — Aidiera

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avoided this map for so long because, from the thumbnail, I thought it would suck. Finally, tonight, I decided to give it a go and found out I was SOOO wrong. Great execution, Yahoozy!

Best. Review. Ever.

Death demo.

I have never smiled so hard after failing.
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Can I have a Yahoo!

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Good stuff


...ehh kinda faster...
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...well i cant beat that AGD, idk how yall are so good at those corner jumps, do you go frame by frame or something? because i always play at normal speed and find it very hard to corner jump at all let alone do it consistently!...

...anyways here is a speed run that could be hella improved with corner jumps :P...
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...faster AGD...

...YIN-so many triangles so little time!, the tiles were awesome and played well, the jumps were just frustrating enough to be hard but still very fun, damn drones were placed in very deadly ways :P,dodging the mines while also dodging the rocket was a blast(literally),and i just plainly had a great atmosphere...

...YANG-i tried to think of something negative so input, but it didnt happen!...

...for sure 5/5 bro...
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a review

that made me smile for once. i love the paths on this one. great use of space.

yes that review

is prose worthy of Wordsworth.

He did talk about the map. He said the word "triangles" twice. Thats one more time then the use of "orgy" and if this map doesnt get you all hot and bothered and ready for an orgy I dont know what will.

Talk about

the map ;_;

I thought this was featured already for some reason. Easily my favorite Yahoozy map.

good choice

this will be one of my favourites of the year I'm certain

Probably Aidiera's best review.
also... that review

This is one of the best Yahoozy maps I've ever seen.


this is totally my style of map, and so well done, too. 5aved.
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that was a good run haha
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holy shit

I thought this one going to be a map where visual consistency was going to get in the way of enjoyable gameplay. Was so wrong. This is so so fun. Those leaps are just perfect. And the enemies would of been easy to overkill, but the rocket works really well and the drones add to the difficulty curve. It's great. Favourite map I've seen in a fair while now. 5/faved
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Fantastic map

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I love the look of this favourited for later.