Castlevania 5 Level 4: Up and Over

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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2012-04-27
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Description The bodies that composed Legion pulsed like the walls of a blood vessels.

As I slipped past the patrolling demon into the core of the monster I beheld what guided it. A coffin. Near it, hands reached out from the floor and grasped the edges of the sarcophagus tightly. Striding forward I readied my claws and ripped the limbs from the lid. Moans of confusion and pain wailed from the walls, and more hands began to stretch forth groping for the coffin.

I shoved off with my foot, it landed on the fleshy floor and crushed some of the searching hands. Within the tomb lay the loud amputated beating heart. It was bloated and smelled of rancid flesh, despite its unrotted appearence. The moaning grew louder, it grew tiresome.

I had finally gotten the vehicle moving. After it had refused to start for the seventh time I had finally realized that the clutch was malfunctioning. If I pushed it to far the entire mechanism would slip back into its normal position. But I had it moving, that was all the mattered to me.

As I drove to within three or four blocks of the floating mass of bodies an ear ripping noise tore through the skies. A crack appeared in the windshield and glass from windows above me shattered. When the noise subsided I saw the thing he had labeled "Legion" plumeting down onto the urban appartments.

Something landed in the open seat beside me, making me jump. The other demon, Cyrus, turned quickly to me, startling me further. I didn't trust him, not much at all.

"Get moving!" He shouted. He was far more excited now than when he had been killing demons. "Out! Out of the city heading east towards Romania NOW!"

Fumbling I began to drive. As we turned out of the city the dull roar of bombs going off began to sound behind us.

The drive lasted almost till what would have been sunrise, if not for the dark red clouds which filled the sky from horizon to horizon. When the vehicle rumbled to a stop it was not because of an a attack or lack of gasoline.

The landslide had halted our progress. If the stones had been but slightly smaller I could have pushed them off the road. But they were massive, not to mention the even larger ones within the tunnel before us. The place stank of unholy taint.

"We're stuck," Eric said stating the obvious. I partly wondered if he would go as far as to point out the rope swing beside the road.

I said nothing in reply, I glanced up at the cliff face from which they had fallen. I could certainly scale them, but Eric most certainly couldn't. I wasn't about to abandon the poor wretch, he could prove helpful in these final days of the divine war.

I rummaged in the seating behind us and grabbed a rope. I gave a look to my drive. "I can scale that cliff easily. If I tied this rope off up there and threw it down would you scale it?"

Eric glance at the cliff and then back at the rope. "That piece will not be long enough," he looked around again, "But you could get enough from that swing." He pointed to the rope swing.

There, part 4. At long last. Lemme know what you think.

Please don't forget to rate, comment, and post demos. It really helps me want to map more.

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Nice map!
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I think this is below average for you, but it's been awhile, eh? I do like the finish location, though. Enemies just aren't that interesting here.
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so much rage
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